Sustaining proliferative signaling
PCNA-expression of cementoblasts and fibroblasts on the root surface after extraoral rinsing for decontamination.
Periodontal cells capable of proliferation were studied immunohistochemically on extracted human teeth after 2-min irrigation with saline or ozonized water and marking of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA). All specimens expressed PCNA. The labelling index (LI), i.e. the number of positive cells compared to the total number of cells, was 6.6% after irrigation with saline and 7.8% after irrigation with ozone. There was no difference in number and distribution of PCNA-positive cells from the coronal to the apical thirds of the roots. Irrigation with ozonized water showed higher labelling indices in comparison with saline, but this could not be statistically substantiated (P = 0.24). Ozonized water, not being isotonic, had no negative effect on periodontal cells remaining on the tooth surface after irrigation for 2 min.