Cancer Hallmarks Analytics Tool API


We request that users of the API do not exceed the following rate limits for programmatic access:

If these limits are exceeded, the application may return a response with the status code 429 ("Too Many Requests"). We ask users to honor these limits, abuse may result in blacklisting.

We are happy to provide support and alternatives for academic users that require higher numbers of requests. If you fall into this category, please feel free to contact us by email.


You can query CHAT using the following URL:<query>&measure=<measure>;&hallmarks=<hallmarks>

where: The following is an example for the query "p53", using the "npmi" measure for the entire taxonomy:

Document texts

You can get the original text for a given abstract by its PubMed Identifier using the following:<ID>/text

For example:


You can get the annotation for a given abstract by its PubMed Identifier using the following:<ID>/annotations

For example:

This would return the annotations in JSON format where each annotation span contains the following:

The hallmark codes are as follows:

Code Hallmark
1 activating invasion and metastasis--
11 activating invasion and metastasis--invasion--
12 activating invasion and metastasis--metastasis--
2 avoiding immune destruction--
21 avoiding immune destruction--immune response--
22 avoiding immune destruction--immunosuppression--
3 cellular energetics--
31 cellular energetics--glycolysis/warburg effect--
4 enabling replicative immortality--
41 enabling replicative immortality--immortalization--
42 enabling replicative immortality--senescence--
5 evading growth suppressors--
51 evading growth suppressors--by deregulating cell cycle checkpoints--
511 evading growth suppressors--by deregulating cell cycle checkpoints--cell cycle--
52 evading growth suppressors--by evading contact inhibition--
6 genomic instability and mutation--
61 genomic instability and mutation--dna damage--
611 genomic instability and mutation--dna damage--adducts--
612 genomic instability and mutation--dna damage--strand breaks--
62 genomic instability and mutation--dna repair mechanisms--
63 genomic instability and mutation--mutation--
7 inducing angiogenesis--
71 inducing angiogenesis--by deregulating angiogenesis--
711 inducing angiogenesis--by deregulating angiogenesis--angiogenic factors--
8 resisting cell death--
81 resisting cell death--apoptosis--
82 resisting cell death--autophagy--
83 resisting cell death--necrosis--
9 sustaining proliferative signaling--
91 sustaining proliferative signaling--cell cycle--
92 sustaining proliferative signaling--growth factors growth promoting signals--
921 sustaining proliferative signaling--growth factors growth promoting signals--downstream signaling--
93 sustaining proliferative signaling--receptors--
x tumor promoting inflammation--
x1 tumor promoting inflammation--immune response--
x2 tumor promoting inflammation--inflammation--
x21 tumor promoting inflammation--inflammation--oxidative stress--