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Selectivity of the NF-{kappa}B response.
NF-kappa B signaling and carcinogenesis.
In addition, NF-kappa B p65 (RelA), but not NF-kappa B p50 (NFKB1), binds specifically to the NF-kappa B site.
A role for transcription factor NF-kappa B in inflammation.
Inhibition of NF-kappa B by sodium salicylate and aspirin.
Activation of NF kappa B by the respiratory burst of macrophages.
The ER-overload response: activation of NF-kappa B.
Morphine modulates NF kappa B activation in macrophages.
Signal transduction through NF-kappa B.
Achieving transcriptional specificity with NF-kappa B.
Rel/NF-kappa B transcription factors and cancer.
Neopterin derivatives to activate NF-kappa B.
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NF-kappa B: ten years after.
NF-kappa B: a lesson in family values.
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Activation of BLV transcription by NF-kappa B and Tax.
Inhibition of TNF-induced apoptosis by NF-kappa B.
Function and activation of NF-kappa B in the immune system.
A novel action of glucocorticoids--NF-kappa B inhibition.
Role of NF-kappa B in T-lymphocyte development.
Nf-kappa B: an important transcription factor in photobiology.
Hypericin as a non-antioxidant inhibitor of NF-kappa B.
Ras activation of NF-kappa B and superoxide.
NF-kappa B-dependent Fas ligand expression.
Apoptosis and NF-kappa B: the FADD connection.
Act1, an NF-kappa B-activating protein.
A similar mechanism is observed for NF kappa B.
Inhibition of NF-kappa B by S-nitrosylation.
Typhlocolitis in NF-kappa B-deficient mice.
In vivo imaging of NF-kappa B activity.
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Ras regulation of NF-kappa B and apoptosis.
NF-kappa B and reactive oxygen intermediates.
RAC-3 is a NF-kappa B coactivator.
Pathological significance of renal expression of NF-kappa B.
NF-kappa B, KBF1, dorsal, and related matters.
Structure, regulation and function of NF-kappa B.
NF-kappa B is a ubiquitous transcription factor.
NF-kappa B and rel proteins in innate immunity.
The effect of sodium salicylate and aspirin on NF-kappa B.
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NF-kappa B activates the HIV promoter in neurons.
Constitutive NF-kappa B activity in neurons.
TNF-induced activation of NF-kappa B.
Redox regulation of NF-kappa B activation.
The Rel/NF-kappa B family: friend and foe.
The expression of NF-kappa B was detected by immunocytochemistry.
NF-kappa B, an inhibitor of microflora-induced colitis.
NF-kappa B functions in synaptic signaling and behavior.
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S-glutathionylation of NF-kappa B subunit p50.
Akt is a downstream target of NF-kappa B.
NF-kappa B comprises a family of transcription factors.
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