PTEN and cancer.
Inhibiting PTEN.
These effects were attenuated by PTEN, PTEN(CS), PTEN(GE), and C-PTEN.
GRPling with PTEN.
PTEN at a glance.
PTEN and melanomagenesis.
Expression of PTEN and PTEN pseudogene in endometrial carcinoma.
Loss of PTEN protein expression was associated with methylation of PTEN.
The activation of ERK2 was inhibited obviously by PTEN, not by PTEN(G129E).
PTEN regulation by Akt-EGR1-ARF-PTEN axis.
p85 Associates with unphosphorylated PTEN and the PTEN-associated complex.
A PTEN translational isoform has PTEN-like activity.
PTEN and prostate cancer.
PTEN mutations and proteus syndrome.
PTEN mutations in uterine sarcomas.
These data suggest that phosphorylation of the PTEN tail suppresses the activity of PTEN by controlling the recruitment of PTEN into the PTEN-associated complex.
Pten, a protean tumor suppressor.
Regulation of PTEN transcription by p53.
PTEN: life as a tumor suppressor.
Mutations of the human PTEN gene.
PTEN "meets" DMSO.
The role of PTEN in allergic inflammation.
PTEN signaling pathways in melanoma.
The regulation of cell migration by PTEN.
PTEN methylation and expression in glioblastomas.
However, the correlation between PTEN methylation, PTEN mutations, LOH at the PTEN locus, and loss of PTEN protein expression was inconsistent.
Protean PTEN: form and function.
A PTEN gene mutation was found.
PTEN-uating restenosis.
PTEN mutations and proteus syndrome.
Pten signaling in gliomas.
PTEN mutation is rare in chondrosarcoma.
PTEN: from pathology to biology.
Rho Rocks PTEN.
PTEN enters the nucleus by diffusion.
No mutation in the PTEN gene was found.
Pten-uating neural growth.
PCAF modulates PTEN activity.
PTEN: its deregulation and tumorigenesis.
PTEN enters the nuclear age.
The nuclear affairs of PTEN.
[Regulation of the lipid phosphatase PTEN].
Regulation of the PTEN phosphatase.
PTEN hamartoma tumor syndromes.
PTEN gives neutrophils direction.
The regulation of PTEN is unclear.
PTEN in brain tumors.
SnapShot: PTEN signaling pathways.
PTEN: a new guardian of the genome.
New insights into PTEN.
Post-translational regulation of PTEN.
PTEN/mTOR and axon regeneration.
A motor driving PTEN.
PTEN signaling pathways in glioblastoma.
PTEN: not just a tumor suppressor.
Two faces of PTEN.
Tenets of PTEN tumor suppression.
[PTEN: a guard of nuclear safety].
PTEN is destabilized by phosphorylation on Thr366.
PTEN in liver diseases and cancer.
PTEN in cancer, metabolism, and aging.
Deubiquitylation and stabilization of PTEN by USP13.
PTEN in DNA damage repair.
PTEN modulators: a patent review.
Tumour suppressors: PTEN surprise.
Suppression of PTEN transcription by UVA.
PTEN, here, there, everywhere.
[Nedd4/PTEN in axonal branching].
Gene of the month: PTEN.
Arresting times for PTEN.
The Role of PTEN in Tumor Angiogenesis.
Nongenomic Mechanisms of PTEN Regulation.