Macrophage production of TGF-beta and regulation by TGF-beta.
[TGF-beta family (TGF-beta, activin, BMP)].
TGF-beta and functional differentiation.
TGF-beta signal transduction.
TGF-beta in glomerular disease.
Regulation of differentiation by TGF-beta.
TGF-beta and calcitriol.
[Diabetic nephropathy and TGF-beta].
TGF-beta receptor signaling.
[TGF-beta: usage in nephrology].
TGF-beta mRNA expression was weak for all isoforms with TGF-beta 1 > TGF-beta 3 >> TGF-beta 2.
[TGF-beta signaling].
TGF-beta: a balancing act.
[TGF-beta and its receptors].
[TGF-beta and platelet].
TGF-beta and cancer.
TGF-beta in uveal melanoma.
Role of TGF-beta in oncogenesis.
TGF-beta and colorectal carcinogenesis.
Latent-TGF-beta: an overview.
TGF-beta signaling pathways.
TGF-beta: problems and prospects.
TGF-beta receptors.
TGF-beta and wound healing.
Mechanisms in TGF-beta action.
The effects of TGF-beta on bone.
Introduction: what is TGF-beta?
TGF beta and HIV infection.
TGF-beta receptors.
Receptors for the TGF-beta family.
TGF-beta receptors and actions.
Clinical potential for TGF-beta.
TGF-beta and fibrosis.
Controlling TGF-beta signaling.
TGF-beta signaling in chondrocytes.
TGF-beta in atherosclerosis.
TGF-beta signaling.
[TGF-beta signaling and carcinogenesis].
TGF-beta activation by traction?
Tgf-Beta signaling in development.
Focus on TGF-beta signalling.
[The role of TGF beta].
[TGF-beta signaling].
TGF-beta and hepatocellular carcinoma.
TGF-Beta to the rescue.
TGF-beta and atherosclerosis in man.
TGF-beta and cancer.
TGF-beta and osteoarthritis.
Is TGF-beta a stemness regulator?
TGF-beta signaling in fibrosis.
TGF-beta in aging and disease.
The paradoxical TGF-beta vasculopathies.
Caveolin and TGF-beta entanglements.
TGF-beta in transplantation tolerance.
TGF-beta as target in oncology.
Plasticity of TGF-beta signaling.
Role of TGF-beta in melanoma.
TGF-beta and microvessel homeostasis.
Ever developing TGF-beta.
This model suggests that the present day TGF-beta gene family consists of four members: TGF-beta 1 (= TGF-beta 4), TGF-beta 2, TGF-beta 3, and TGF-beta 5.
The TGF-beta effect was blocked specifically by a monoclonal anti-TGF-beta antibody.
Immunoreactive TGF beta 1 and TGF beta 2 were measured by ELISA.
This increase in secretion of TGF-beta was not dependent increases in TGF-beta 1 mRNA.
There was no crossreactivity between the TGF beta 1 and TGF beta 3 isoforms.
TGF-beta is activated by dissociation of LAP from the mature TGF-beta.
Exogenous TGF-beta rescued the TGF-beta-deprived phenotype.
Upregulation of TGF-beta RI and TGF-beta RII was also detected.
TGF-beta 2 has similar effects to TGF-beta 1.
TGF beta 1 was not recognized by the anti-TGF beta 2 peptide antiserum.
The effect of TGF-beta was reversed by subculturing the treated cells without TGF-beta.